[Wision--SesQuaTercet USA ™ de facto trademark] Petry System Family Wision USA

in conjunction with

project NEMO



a science-cubed fiction adventure, PG/13

by Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic-Director
a Wision--SesQuaTercet USA production

(a division of Lanthus Corporation)

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[science-cubed fiction adventure, trilogy] . . . . . . . . .
[nota bene: some of the scenes-sets are production-identical]
The movie shall be available digitally recorded wide-screen [2:1] stereo-eyes-ed on disk and tape. The initial shoot shall be direct minute-by-minute to giga-byte hard-drive, 4 megapixels/frame, wavelet-compressed, copy-saved to CDROM - the digitized sound and music edited in synchronized frames, fractions of a second - and the final product released on 3D-HDDVideo Disk. The advantage of digital is its reproducibility for the future of both broadcast and movie-house. Image generation shall be further enhanced and assisted by state-of-the-art computer facility. The final result shall be viewable stereo-eyes-ed '3.5D' with white 'sexichrome' or polarized safety-goggles, and HDTV/HDDVideo, and standard (telecined celluloid) 35mm film, as well as home-theater DVD/DTV and VCR.
[Music specified in this outline and screenwrite is the Strategic-Director's selection from hundreds of CD's of existing works by artists whose timbre and lyrics fit each on-screen activity, and is not otherwise representative of project SesQuatercet and its purposes]

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, CS, BA, lecturer, is the author of FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES: Christian Science Class Instruction, which takes-up the Holy Biblical Scripture as a synopsis of mankind's Scientific purpose on Earth -- over 42 articles. Mr. Petry, 1973 graduate of UCSD, in mathematics, is a former crypto-TEMPEST engineer with former Linkabit CORP of San Diego CA, on digital-radio satellite communications systems for the USA former SAC/CommandPost. He has served as Vice President on his Branch Church Executive Board, and is Founder and current Trustee-Director of The Son Dey School of Christ Science and project 'lambhorn'. He is concurrently President of Lanthus Corporation, and Director of its Wision--SesQuaTercet USA subdivision. And he has several science-fiction screenwrites in his repertoire published at his project SesQuatercet webcottage scripting site.
[Mr. Petry also maintains several websites and posts on usenet news-groups and forums in the mathematics, sciences, technologies, digital electronic/computer engineering, and USA Presidential political-campaigning]

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Strategic-Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry
Producer-Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Casting-Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Tactical-Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Operations-Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Screenwriter: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry
Register: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA
Recipient: N E M O Nuclear Emergency Management
Owner: Lanthus Surrogate Executive Accessions Management
Licenser: [tbd]

The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances hereïn to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (States).
© 2002 Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry

project SesQuatercet