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Dear Sirs and Madams:

Project SesQuaTercet productions is seeking co-producers, distributor, line-producer, a line-up of investors, theatre circuit, director-of-photography, equipments, facilities, cameras, recording, computer generated graphics and editing, for 3DDV (3D-HDDV) stereo-eyes-ed high definition digital video (eqv. 35mm) feature movies.

Project SesQuaTercet Productions has optioned a significant mathematical scientific text-base, MATHINK AND MATHOUGHTS (N.E.M.O), and is committed to producing several media features of scientific derivative - a significant portion being represented in the following motion pictures (trilogy).

The story is scripted, Professors' Spring Break (trilogy) - SPRING BREAK - SPRING RETURNS - SPRING FLING - a course of mathematical insights to science, redacted and retrebled in an expanding lesson of sublimely aethereal cosmic proportions reaching beyond and outside our present state-of-the-astrophysics, and right out of this cosmos, to the larger realm of the infinite possible. In entertaining science-fiction format: in conjunction with project NEMO. The Strategic-Director's concept is that these numerous ideas are realistic: not only sufficient to the telling of a good sci'fi' story, but cogent to the contemporary world's proper education in the school-studies of the sciences and technologies: the near-future made fore-knowable.

Regular viewers include the (proposed) 3DDVideo and (more widely available) HDDVideo feature movie theatres, and standard (telecined) 35mm film feature movie theatres, and standard DVD/DTV and VCR home-theaters.

The rating is suggested PG/13 for its significant scientific dialog - faster students in lower elementary grades who have learned multiplication and the metric system may pull-in parents of adolescent prodigies - Professors' Spring Break (trilogy) is targeted for the college-inclined: There's minimal violence, presented in allusion or diagram or elementally when necessary, and no nudity save a brief idyllic scene allusion or angle: Nuke missile detonations in outer-space, washing or swimming in a remote river in designer swimsuit briefs, changing outer-clothes to team jumpsuits. The presentation is light humorous dialog embracing role-models in successive cosmic fashions.

The Director-selected music is expensive, ample, and to be choreographed to fractional seconds.

The visual effects and extensive computer scenery graphics shall match-to-exceed, ranging from deep-space to Earth-like garden, miles-deep lunar caverns stacked with hundreds of starships, driving a desert road, ring-cities around galactic black-holes, a clean modern bedroom, a dazzling class-room anti-matter experiment.

We're envisioning shooting-budgets scoped at $2.5Million each, $3.6M market before big names, $5.0M return.

We think this feature movie is important to your media because of the impressive potential in portraying reality in thoughtful perspectives - and to reassure your clientele and their customers that there is a contemporary adult education that is both publicly enriching and commercially beneficial, and worthy of your marketing support.

We'll appreciate your present response, and follow-up correspondences.

The Strategic-Director for SesQuaTercet
Professors' Spring Break (trilogy) : BREAK - RETURNS - FLING

REFERENCE: scenes scripts outlines

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[NB: 2-meg-pixel (digital) HDDV cameras/camcorders, recording, and editing equipments are now widely available]

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