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[First Journey]

Jehovah in Eden

[stereo-eyes-ed '3.5D' movie-version rating: UV - PG/17]

story by Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic-Director
a Wision--SesQuaTercet USA production

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The story of Jehovah's arrival on Earth with Adam [and carrying Eve] and their life in Adam's Eden kindergarden, scripted, and choreographed to music, tells a plausible beginning of current modern scientifically advancing society, of what actually happened on Earth about 3670 BC, of our common past and our connected future.

Although the ultimate owner shall be the USA 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Son Dey School of Christ Science - project 'lambhorn' - this production shall proceed in project SesQuaTercet as an ordinary movie-making effort: the actors, crews, and reproduction authorities shall be paid ordinary rates, and may be ordinary persons not affiliated with project 'lambhorn' - strict observance of goodly [clean, Godly] speech and conduct on the production location-set notwithstanding. The screenwrite herein is presented as a proposal for contract in open-public-view.

The movie shall be available digitally recorded wide-screen [2:1] stereo-eyes-ed on disk and tape. The initial shoot shall be direct minute-by-minute to giga-byte hard-drive, 4 megapixels/frame, wavelet-compressed, copy-saved to CDROM - the digitized sound and music edited in synchronized frames, fractions of a second - and the final product released on 3D-HDDVideo Disk. The advantage of digital is its reproducibility for the future of both broadcast and movie-house. Image generation shall be further enhanced and assisted by state-of-the-art computer facility. The final result shall be viewable stereo-eyes-ed '3.5D' with white 'sexichrome' or polarized safety-goggles, and (more widely available) HDDVideo, and standard (telecined celluloid) 35mm film, as well as DVD/DTV and VCR.


Their sun supernovas - they escape by nuclear-impulsed needle-rockets swing-pumping through giant-planetary and small-stellar gravity-wells, barely outrunning the plasma tempest - they journey [skip] three-hundred years, arriving [arbitrarily] at our solar system - they de-escape [decelerate] similarly around Pluton and Jupiter, and are immediately chased by local rebels [mutineed hundreds of years earlier] - their chief of security, whose measures earn her respect but consternation, is exiled with her consular-lineaged son and fetal-daughter for their safety while the battle resumes - she sets-up home-and-garden, and as a new Earth-Lord awaits her return to space - their adventures are lessons in morality and ethics - she teaches them how to tend all for their betterment - the garden is eventually destroyed by a flame-spewing earthquake - her people return to rescue her, leaving her children to grow-up as new-Earthers - they return to Venus, their new home. Epi-log: 900 year-old thinks-back: who were we?!

Scenes Settings Sets Props Roles


spaceship exterior {plateau,reassign} (impaled probe)
spaceship interior {plateau,strike,debrief,recess}
spaceship observation deck {plateau}
spaceship study video cubicle {develop}
spaceship bedroom {relief}
spaceship adjoining-room {relief}
spaceship corridors {clash}
spaceship watcher room {clash}
spaceship children's room {clash} (bullets rip door and floor)
spaceship computer office {debrief}
spaceship library {debrief}
spaceship ready room {debrief}
the spaceship is one of thousands leaving the supernova: It is needle-shaped to minimize dust streak-impaction and centuries-long space-gases drag: it is powered by brief nuclear fission-bursts for the gravity-well escape/descape sequences, and by decades-long-term continuous nuclear fusion core-column ion-accelerator (which leaves a faint exhaust trail stream). The interior has apparent gravity due to the constant acceleration (deceleration when turned back-end-forward). Modern, convenient, spacious, several distinct rooms: It is more like a combined office and home for a hundred people on permanent mission.
  • has corridors, elevators throughout, interior and around the perimeter - Elle's husband is blasted-away (to outer-space) in a perimeter corridor - the final gun-fire exchange is in the corridor before the door to the children's room
  • the observation decks on the perimeter, are lounges with small light-weight tables (cross-reachable) with 2-3-4 chairs each, small multi-paned windows view outerspace - in escape: the nova and its flashing pulsar region is last-seen
  • Adam's study video cubicle is small, almost cramped with a plush chair and close-up wide-screen computer display, in which his face reflection is seen simultaneously
  • Adam's bedroom is homey, with pillows and toys for a spacer boy, and a standard continuous-air-bed and strapping-blanket (in case of maneuvres), the light is on timed-dimmer
  • the bedroom door opens to the adjoining spacer living-room, wall-art objects, light-weight chairs and sofa, pillows, desk, large wall-video running idle images
  • the watcher-station rooms, from which the whole spaceship may be monitored on 10 controllable video displays [8 wall and 2 panel arranged 3+2+2+3 in semi-arc] - from one of these the rebels find a corridor-path to the children - the watchers are tiny wireless-box TV-camera-transmitters wall-mounted in corridors and rooms: Elle later on Earth wears three broken/bent/cracked watchers actually repaired
  • the children's room is simple, with computer-toys, model-toys, pillow-toys - in clash: the final gun-fire exchange is outside the door, in the corridor, the children are gathered toward the room-back, and bullets rip through the door and into floor
  • the library is computerized with large screen views of astronomical objects: planet Earth appears in rotating detail at visible and infrared photon wavelengths
  • the ready room is a white foyer with windows to the shuttle dock, and an air-lock
rebel carrier ship exterior {strike,exult,perceive}
rebel carrier interior suit-up ante-room {relief}
rebel carrier dock {exult} (dome shuttle)
rebel carrier rear sequence {perceive} (gate, lights, boosters)
a gigantic slowly rotating cyclinder, 3 hundred meters across, 1 rev/min, heavily armored fore-pavis, large 2-speed rear core-gate to central docking corridor, 4 large boosters exhaust nozzles that fill-glow red to brilliant white, numerous station exterior flood-lights that sequence power-off after the core-gate is closed and locked
  • ante-room is white, equipment racks, portal to low-standing-height probe
  • in exult: the dome shuttle enters the central corridor and rises slowly, surrounded by numerous window views of head-tops of persons outside the corridor - some look-up to watch - until it reaches the docking bar extending into the corridor
  • in perceive: we watch the rear gate, choreographed to the music, close quickly, then slowly to lock, then the numerous flood-lights switch-off sequentially to minimize power-transient-surges, then the boosters turn-on red to brilliant white, and the carrier moves forward slowly away, then faster toward the horizon - the moon rises red, and the Scriptural DANIEL explanation begins and scrolls
rebel probe interior {relief,strike,clash} (goo beds, control panels, front bursts)
rebel probe exterior {strike}
rebel probe impaled {reassign} (spaceship, starry space)
exterior: tack-shaped squat cylinder with slightly sloped front, penetrator is a central pointed probe-tip
interior: dark, a short squat bottle bottom-end-on: round sides, ceiling, floor, small round forward exit neck to probe penetrator, the back wall has numerous flight guidance control panels and readouts around the portal, the forward annular wall (like a gigantic flat washer) has small control panels, readouts, and 6 goo-beds with straps for the croakers to sustain the crushing 1000-gee impact - their green-gas breath prevents them from being crushed, but one does drop from his bed, the joker who spewed a little green gas in the ante-room - at impact the interior cabin and neck compact forward, the penetrator blows-open, smoking dusty with molten metal
shuttle exterior {reassign,relief} (plasma shock-wave)
shuttle ground landing {reassign,relief} (shuttle exterior)
shuttle interior {reassign} (exterior starry space night Earth)
shuttle dark interior {recess} (battle, flashes, dark)
exterior: ultra-sleek hyper-jet, lifting-body oval-front raked wing-cylinder forms hypersonic nuclear engine scoop
interior: modern spacious, two command seats, four passenger seats, large forward window which sun-outs (blacks-out the intense direct-sun), 2 main control panels and 2 displays each, 2 more displays between, one is communications: first an orange glow dragon-curve, then acquisition parameter diagrams (sliding lock-in, then 10 sliders lock-in, then error-rate speckle-block clears), then face of CMDR Michael appears, Gabe talks to him - they wear the usual communications-halo head-gear, Elle commands, Adam is passenger
dome shuttle {restore,exult} (snowy out-wind, dark windows, glow-collar, exhaust)
dome shuttle elevated {exult} (extended garden destroyed, starry space, rebel carrier ship)
a futuristic silver dome shuttle with radial-blowing induction-fan at the top exhausting-out, down all side, the out-wind turns snowy cold at the collar fringes of maximum expansion, a low-man portal in the side, dark window wraps around the dome - in exult: Eve discerns Elle and a man inside - below the window-wrap is the main vertical velocity accelerater nuclear-powered white-glowing collar, which heats down-passing air so hot it glows faintly, the base line is curved back-under, giving it a short wing-like cross-section overall
in restore: Elle, Michael approach the dome shuttle landed in the woods, officers load equipments at its portal, its portal-door closes and seals
in exult: choreographed to the music, the dome shuttle rises by snowy fan-lifter, the music stretch-rolls while it glides across the smoldering extended garden tree tops, and lowers among trees, hovers before, looking out-down on Adam and Eve - from outside, Adam test-shoves it edge-up and back a few feet - the music resumes progress, and from inside again, it rises-up the trees, leaving them below, Eve crying "mommy" faintly audibly - then it accelerates towards the sky, the nuclear collar glows to brilliant white, trailing faintly glowing exhaust, a telescopic view hunts as it pulls upward ever faster - near horizontal in space, the rocket exhaust vacuum-blooms, and in the distance beyond behind the carrier-ship approaches, then, with the view shifting to carrier speed, the dome shuttle continues in toward the carrier, unpowered glide passes along the side, finishes accelerates to match speed, slides across behind the well lighted carrier-rear, and waits for the carrier-rear gate to open, then venier accelerates forward into the opened central corridor, and rises vertically inside


[N.B. This screenplay is being moved to retirement for revision by the Principal Screenwriter, to accommodate significant newly-discovered details: The prior major revision included the Egyptian side of the family and their comedy, but we have now ascertained that they were in Egypt about 203 years before Shw Khonshu begat Adam Geb with Mwt Mut and moved his first-lineage to Sumer.... The perception base is still solid, but details pushing back into their own prehistory are pertinent enough to delineate in the motion picture.]

Strategic-Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry

Producer-Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA

Casting Director: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA

Tactical-Director: [tbd]

Operations-Director: [tbd]

Screenwriter: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry

Register: Wision--SesQuaTercet USA

Recipient: The Son Dey School of Christ Science : project 'lambhorn'

Owner: Lanthus Surrogate Executive Accessions Management

Licenser: [tbd]

The teachings hereïn are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, governments, find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: Astronomics, Linguistics, Mathematics, Systematics: Scientific inferentiation on Holy Biblical Scripture: What actually happened.

FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES: Christian Science Class Instruction * RKPetry

The Son Dey School of Christ Science

The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances hereïn to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (States). May your tabernacle measure true.


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© 1996-2001 Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Strategic-Director

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