Adult Basic Education

Adulthood maintains individually, and collectively the species: therefor, knowing the species is the adult basic education

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An overview of human place on Earth
  1. The Earth is nearing full of the human species - whether or not there is immense open space
  2. The primary energy support is the sun - which drives the atmosphere and oceans and primary food production - secondary food production is insignificant on the collective scale
  3. Mankind has a scientific society of balanced activity: generally all have foods, clothes, homes, transportations, employments, educations, religions, distributions, societies, communications with family, neighbors, community, State and Nation, by meeting, television, theatre, internet
  4. The advance of the scientific technologies facilitates and rearranges these - eg. transportations and meetings become internet vidlink chats
  5. Most of these possessions are built or built-up, and maintained or rebuilt against wear
  6. Education, religion, and experience require individuals to think of more than mere maintenance of extent possessions, to fill human thought with more possibility than satiety, more diversity than surfeit - and generally, especially as Science and Technology, supply these improvements
  7. The surface of the Earth, land and water, locates these things and their expansions: Until gravity can be overcome collectively, outerspace is utilized effectually for scientific and technological forays, linkages to the cosmo-net - which for the collective, re-supply education, religion, and potentially experience as technological education
  8. Scientifically advanced Earth human experience overturns national systems about every long-generation (25 years) with the equivalent ruinous demise of about a nations-worth of equipments and a percent of the international population, while the less scientific experience a continual demise at about the same rate. The next long-generation cycle in advanced civilization is ca AD 2015
  9. A Fleet of 12 GNSC's, each coarsely $10 billion to build, and $1 billion yearly to maintain and operate, each involving 1555 trained personnel, is on this same order of Earth cost - the advantage is the GNSC Fleet is removed from Earth, and reports progress weekly and monthly, with the intensity of a strategically planned and tactically continued battle, but without the cost of individual losses [1555=CUM 6^0-4 = 4-level 7-member uniteaming]
  10. Such a small GNSC Fleet incurs an Olympian "brain-drain" on Earth society, while affording the opportunity to do something more than impose that effort only on Earth society, thus removing the power-surplus from a dozen international war-mongering factions, to controlled and administered international outer-space-competition - Fleet crews should expect to sign-on for an olympiad (4 years) and earn a university-college-equivalent [second] degree in addition to duties
  11. The data and telemetry bandwidth from each GNSC is 2 FTE movie channels, full-time-equivalent [stereo-eyes-ed 3DDV technology] direct vessel monitoring, plus 3-lay inter-ship-mesh capable of whole-ship through-put, plus additional time for each crew (est 1555x1hour/24hour=65channel), cumulatively approximately 100x10MHz=1GHz per ship - there is usually no Earth-like instanet [sub-minute loop-delay] as the EMTime-delay is up to hours
. . . .[we send up nations] . . . .

[Notes: 7-member Uniteaming is derived from the observed proclivity of 6-7 members maximally to remain a unit-team or discussion encounter-group: 8 splits into 4+4 oscillating with 3+5]

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